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Basic Height Safety Training

Product Number: HS01


Introduction – General talks on height safety covering regulations and common perceptions of height.

Some common situations – Discussion and overheads

Selection of safety system – Hazard identification and the PPE triangle.

Dangers – Roll out and crush out.

Correct fitting of a full body harness – Classroom demonstration by instructor.

Donning and doffing – Students to participate.

Inspection procedures – Harness,  Lanyards, ropes etc.

General care and on-site maintenance for height safety equipment.

Anchor points – How to identify, select, limitations.

 The above gives a broad outline on the agenda at the end of which the participants will be issued with an Awareness card.

 The use of a training room and white board would be required for the basic session. An overhead projector, if available, would be preferable but certainly not necessary.