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Accredited Workplace Training

Product Number: Training

State and territory laws require an organisation to train their workforce in the correct procedure and use of relevant safety equipment to be able to perform their task safely.

 To enable an organisation to meet their obligations, Active Safety now offers nationally recognised, accredited training course packages that contain a mix of theory and practical sessions that are relevant to the workplace.  Each course package will be tailor made to ensure that it meets the required legislative standards and, where possible, leads to competency based recognition.

 All courses are conducted by a Registered Training Organisation in accordance with the Australian Quality Training Framework, which is the national set of standards that assures nationally consistent, high-quality training and assessment services.

 Nationally recognised training courses are available in the following areas:

Course Name

MSAPMPER205B                   Enter confined space

MSAPMPER200B                   Work in accordance with an issued permit

MSAPMOHS216A                  Operate breathing apparatus

MSAPMOHS217A                  Gas test atmospheres

MNMG237A                          Work safely at height

HLTFA301A                          Apply first aid

HLTCPR201A                        Apply CPR

PUAWER001A                       Identify, prevent and report workplace emergency situations

PUAWER002A                       Ensure workplace emergency prevention procedures systems and processes are implemented

PUAWER003A                       Manage and monitor workplace emergency, procedures, equipment and other resources

PUAWER004A                       Respond to workplace emergencies

PUAWER005A                       Operate as part of an emergency control organisation

PUAWER006A                       Lead an emergency control organisation

PUAWER007A                       Manage an emergency control organisation

PUAWEROO1A-008A              Warden training – Fire extinguisher

TAA40104                            Training and Assessment

BSB40407                             Occupational Health and Safety

BSB40807                             Frontline Management